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All appointments are made online through the bookings page.

Our services are non-diagnostic ultrasounds. We do not perform medical ultrasounds, nor do we provide any medical advice.  It is a pre-requisite that you have had your dating scan before booking our services.

Our ultrasounds are by appointment only.  View our opening hours.

Prices and packages subject to change without notice.

Choose from the packages below:

**Please take note of the preparation required for your ultrasound**

Mum is allowed to bring 4 guests to the ultrasound, this includes partner.

For us to be able to capture the best possible images of your baby in 3D/4D & 5D, you need to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, 7-10 days before your ultrasound. This helps by increasing the amniotic fluid volume around your baby which aids in achieving clearer images of your baby’s features, unless you have been advised otherwise for medical reasons.

You do not need a full bladder for your ultrasound, unless the package you have chosen requires you to have one.

Their is no additional charge for twins. The ideal time to capture facial images of twins is between 24 & 26 weeks. After this gestation there is very limited space.

Reassurance Ultrasound

From: 10 – 40 weeks

  • 2D Ultrasound
  • 10 minute ultrasound (15 minute appointment)
  • See baby’s heartbeat fluttering from 10 weeks
  • Hear the sound of baby’s heartbeat from 12 weeks
  • No gender determination
  • 1 x photo print
  • Check baby’s position (Breech or Cephalic)


This package gives you peace of mind during your pregnancy and allows you to have a quick peek at your baby at any gestation after 10 weeks. Please have a full bladder if you are between 10 & 12 weeks.

Early Sneak Peek

From: 10 – 13 weeks only

  • 15 minutes 2D/3D/4D/5D (30 minute appointment)
  • No gender determination
  • See baby’s heartbeat fluttering (10 -12 weeks)
  • Hear baby’s heartbeat from (12-13 weeks)
  • 1 x photo print
  • Complimentary transfer of all still images to your mobile phone

*** Please note that this scan requires a full bladder***


Gender Ultrasound

From: 14 – 37 weeks

  • 15 – 20 minute 2D /3D ultrasound only
  • (30 minute appointment)
  • Gender determination
  • Hear the sound of  baby’s heartbeat
  • 2 x photo prints
  • Complimentary transfer of all 2D images to your mobile phone
  • * Free return for gender determination if baby is not cooperating on the day*


If you would like to keep baby’s gender a surprise, we can write it down however this will limit the amount of baby you will get to see on the day. Please bear this in mind when inviting guests.

We have gender reveal cannons to purchase in studio.

Peekaboo Baby 3D/4D/5D

(Gender determination included if requested)

From: 14 – 25 weeks only

  • 30 minute ultrasound (40 minute appointment)
  • Gender determination if requested
  • 2D/3D/4D/5D images of baby
  • Hear baby’s heartbeat
  • 4 x printed images
  • 1 x Usb containing all images and short video clips taken during your session
  • Complimentary transfer of all still images to your mobile phone
  • *Free return for gender determination only, if baby is not cooperating on the day and you want to find out*


Baby Bonding 3D/4D/5D

From: 26 – 37 weeks

Perfect for facial images

  • 40 minute ultrasound (60 minute appointment)
  • 2D/3D/4D/5D viewing of baby
  • Hear the sound of baby’s heartbeat
  • 6 x printed images
  • Video recording of your entire session saved to USB including all images and 4D video clips.
  • Complimentary transfer of all still images to your mobile phone
  • *Free return scan if baby does not cooperate on the day for facial images due to baby’s position*
  • Special offer:

  • $50 voucher for a newborn photo shoot with Sarah B Photography based in Thornlands.


The focus of this package is to see baby’s beautiful facial features and capture those gorgeous little facial expressions, if baby is awake and active at the time of the ultrasound. The ideal time for facial images is between 28 & 32 weeks. If you choose to book outside of this time frame we can not guarantee perfect images. We will always try our very best to capture the best possible images we can or offer a free return scan if necessary, if your baby is in an awkward position on the day. Drinking lots of water 7-10 days before your scan will aid in the volume and clarity of your amniotic fluid which produces clearer images.

My Heartbeat Plush Animals

My Heartbeat Plush Animals with an audio recording of your precious baby’s heartbeat stored inside.

The sound of your baby’s heartbeat needs to be recorded live to the recording device during your ultrasound. This recording device gets inserted into the plush animal. This can not be done after your ultrasound as the ultrasound machine does not save a copy of the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, only an image of the soundwave.

These gorgeous plush heartbeat animals can be added to any package. To be purchased at the time of your appointment. Stock subject to change.


Miracle Begginings Ultrasound Gift Vouchers

Miracle Beginnings Gift Vouchers 

Our gift vouchers provide the perfect gift to any expecting mother or couple!

Gift vouchers can be used towards any of our ultrasound packages and are available for online purchase only through the website.

Sarah B Photography

Book our 5D Baby Bonding package and receive a $50 gift voucher towards a maternity shoot or a nestling newborn photo shoot with talented photographer – Sarah B Photography who is based in Thornlands.

To see Sarah’s amazing photo gallery and prices click here:


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