The Miracle Beginnings Ultrasound Experience

Miracle Beginnings

We specialize in gender determination from 14 weeks and non-diagnostic 2D/3D/4D/HD (Real View) pregnancy ultrasounds. We also offer a Clinical DNA gender blood test where you can find out the gender of your baby from 7 weeks with 99.9% accuracy.

Miracle Beginnings is located in Redland Bay (Redlands) on Brisbane’s Bayside. We’re exceptionally passionate about giving expectant parents the very best personal bonding experience with their precious baby.

Our scans provide time for you to bond with your baby, enjoy watching their beautiful expressions and movements, creating treasured memories to last a life time. We ensure gender accuracy and customer satisfaction through our personal commitment to achieving the very best images of your baby with the latest technology.

We look forward to meeting you and being apart of your pregnancy journey!

Latest Technology

See your baby in 3D/4D & HD “5D”.

HD “5D” Real View technology uses a rendering software that enhances baby’s facial features and depth perception by using a virtual light source.

Gender Reveal

Clinical DNA gender test from 7 weeks with 99.9% accuracy and gender determination from 14 weeks.

Ultrasound Packages

Affordable non-diagnostic ultrasound packages for each stage of your pregnancy starting at 10 weeks.

Gifts & More

Our studio stocks a range of gifts and items to help you celebrate! Record your baby’s heartbeat to one of our Heartbeat Plush Animals, browse our Snuggle Hunny Kids wraps, announcement items, gift vouchers and more.

Preparation for your ultrasound

  • The ideal time for facial images of your baby is between 28 & 32 weeks.
  • Follow the recommended water preparation.
  • Gender determination from 14 weeks. If baby does not co-operate for gender determination on the day, you will be invited to return for a free follow up scan for gender only.
  • Have something cold and sweet to drink like apple juice before you arrive so that your baby is active and awake.
  • Wear a 2 piece outfit to your ultrasound.

For more information view our FAQ page or contact us.

What determines the clarity of your ultrasound:

  • The volume of amniotic fluid around your baby.
  • Mum’s body fat content (BMI).
  • The position of the placenta (low lying /anterior (front) posterior (back) or fundal).
  • Baby’s position on the day of your ultrasound also affects how much you see especially in 3D/4D & 5D. Positions such as Breech (head up), Transverse (across) baby looking towards Mum’s spine, umbilical cord on the face make it very challenging.
  • We will always do our best to encourage your baby to move as best as we can, but some babies are just shy and like to hide.

Testimonials from our clients

Tricefy image

All Images and video clips sent directly to your mobile phone.

We use a software application called Tricefy to send your ultrasound images and video clips securely to your mobile phone.

You can view, share and cherish your precious ultrasound moments with family and friends!

Please download the TRICEFY App.

View our packages to select from the available options for your memorable ultrasound and