The Miracle Beginnings Ultrasound Experience

Miracle Beginnings

Welcome to Miracle Beginnings 3D 4D Ultrasound. We are located in the Redlands on Brisbane’s Bayside. Miracle Beginnings is exceptionally passionate about giving expectant parents the very best bonding experience in our boutique home studio.

We specialise in non-diagnostic ultrasounds starting at 10 weeks and gender determination from 15 weeks, taking the time to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction. We use the most up to date technology available, which allows you to see your baby in 3D, 4D and 5D. We look forward to meeting you and being apart of your pregnancy journey!

Why choose Miracle Beginnings?

5D Ultrasounds

See your baby in the most realistic, true to life view possible.

Boy or Girl

Gender determination from 15 weeks with images.


Affordable packages for each stage of your pregnancy.

Products & Gifts

Gender Reveal products available, record your baby’s heartbeat, gift vouchers & more.


Hello Mom Smartphone App for mobile devices

Miracle Beginnings are the first to offer our clients this exceptional technology at no extra charge.

Hello Mom is a smartphone app (Android and iOS) made specially for pregnant mothers. It allows wireless downloads of still images taken during your Miracle Beginnings ultrasound session directly to your mobile phone.

This amazing app makes it easy to view, share and cherish your precious ultrasound moments!

Take a look at our packages to see our price structure and available options.

Things YOU can do to prepare for your ultrasound

  • Book your ultrasound for the right gestation of your pregnancy
  • Increase your fluid intake at least 5 days before your ultrasound!
  • Have something sweet like orange juice or something with natural sugars at least half an hour before your ultrasound so that your baby is active.
  • Some baby’s are shy and don’t want to show their face or co-operate on the day, if this happens at your ultrasound you will be offered a free return ultrasound.

Testimonials from our clients

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