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Welcome to Miracle Beginnings 3D 4D Ultrasound.

We specialise in early gender determination from 14 weeks and non-diagnostic 3D/4D/5D pregnancy ultrasounds. We are located in Redland Bay (Redlands) on Brisbane’s Bayside. Miracle Beginnings is exceptionally passionate about giving expectant parents the very best personal bonding experience with their precious baby.

We provide the time during our scans for you to bond with your baby, which allows you to enjoy watching their beautiful expressions and movements, creating treasured memories to last a life time. We ensure gender accuracy and customer satisfaction through our personal commitment to achieving the very best images of your baby.

We look forward to meeting you and being apart of your pregnancy journey!

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Why choose Miracle Beginnings?

Latest Technology

See your baby in 3D/4D & 5D, the most realistic, true to life view possible which uses a light source to illuminate baby’s features.

Gender Determination

Gender determination from 14 weeks with printed images.


Affordable packages for each stage of your pregnancy.


Record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat to our plush animals, confetti and powder cannons to celebrate baby’s gender and online gift vouchers.


Hello Mom Smartphone App for mobile devices

Hello Mom is a smartphone app (Android and iOS) which allows wireless downloads of still images taken during your ultrasound to be transferred to your mobile phone. This can only be transferred whilst you are in studio.

This amazing app makes it easy to view, share and cherish your precious ultrasound moments!

Take a look at our packages and available options. Prices and packages subject to change without notice.

Preparation for your ultrasound

  • The ideal time to get facial images of your baby is between 28 & 32 weeks dependent on the position of your placenta.
  • We determine baby’s gender from 14 weeks through to 25 weeks. If baby does not co-operate, you will be asked to return for a follow up scan free of charge for gender determination only.
  • Increase your water intake at least 7 – 10 days before your ultrasound to ensure good clarity and volume of amniotic fluid!
  • Have something cold and sweet like orange juice or something with natural sugars at least half an hour before your ultrasound so that your baby is active.

There are several factors that can determine the outcome of your images on the day, these factors include:

  • Mum’s body fat content (BMI) and any loose skin which can create a fuzzy image due to a weakening of the ultrasound wave.
  • The position of the placenta (anterior – meaning over the top of baby and posterior -meaning under baby).
  • Other factors also include baby’s position on the day of your ultrasound such as Breech presentation, Transverse lie, baby’s spine facing up to Mum’s belly or hands and umbilical cord in the way of the face.
  • We will always do our best to encourage your baby to move, but if baby does not co-operate you will be asked to come back on another day free of charge to try again.

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